Who Who are the Furry Feet Sitters? Furry Feet Pet Sitters may come from any walk of life and are aged 18 and over, what they all have in common are integrity, honesty, a love of animals, and the knowledge / experience to care for them. Furry Feet Sitters are self-employed and as such we are not under any obligation to offer them work, and they are not under any obligation to accept a job offered - this means that we are confident in any sitter who comes to you, and that they are keen to care for your animals and your home. Care Can Furry Feet Sitter care for my relative or child? Furry Feet Sitters cannot care for children or for adults. More Can Furry Feet Sitter do additional jobs for me while I am away? Many Sitters have talents and abilities in a wide variety of fields and many are willing to undertake extra tasks for their clients. Please remember when asking your sitter to do extra tasks during your absence that they must be paid accordingly. Please make sure the sitter is happy to do what you require. (if they do not wish to or feel they do not have the required skills please respect this) and come to an arrangement with your sitter at the beginning of the booking. Emergency In an emergency. Before you leave your Sitter will go through the checklist with you - please fill in any emergency numbers for vet, plumber, electrician, burglar alarm (+ codes etc.) family & friend. Whatever the emergency the sitter will deal with it quickly and professionally and let you or the emergency contact know ASAP. Delay What if I am delayed on my return? Please try to inform the Sitter as soon as possible so that if they have another assignment to go on to we can arrange temporary cover for you. We will not leave your home and animals unattended. Questions? Please ring us on 01663 747644 Mobile 0773 291 6982 For the times you cannot be there, do not despair for those occasions Furry Feet will care.